3 Cybersecurity Skills that will be crucial in the Age of AI

Learn these skills to make yourself valuable in the new age

Taimur Ijlal


Source; MidJourney

The Age of AI is well and truly upon us

It is time for every professional to adapt or get left behind and Cybersecurity is no different

With all the immense potential that AI brings .. it is also going to make a lot of skills obsolete

It is crucial for Cybersecurity professionals to up their game and gain skills that will grant them a competitive edge as AI adoption ramps up everywhere

In this article, I want to over THREE very specific skills that I feel will be of great help to Cybersecurity professionals in the new AI market

1️⃣ Machine Learning — Understand the engine

Machine Learning is the engine that drives AI and what makes it so amazing

Cybersecurity professionals need to understand how ML works .. the difference between supervised and unsupervised ML and the different algorithms that are present

You do not need to become an expert in data science but get a thorough understanding of how a machine learning model gets created from start to finish

This will help immensely when it comes to implementing security controls at various stages of the Machine Learning Lifecycle .

It will also help you communicate with AI experts as you will able to converse in their language and articulate skills better

Lastly it will help you train your own ML models for specific security related use cases

Cybersecurity professionals who know how to use ML and fine tune to detect and respond to specific threats can expect to be of great demand in the industry going forward !

2️⃣ AI Specific Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling as a discipline has become more and more popular in Cybersecurity as the adoption towards cloud increases

It involves adopting the viewpoint of an attacker when looking at your application entry points, dependencies and trust levels



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