3 Facepalm Moments To Avoid In Your Cybersecurity Career 🤦

The top “oh crap ..” moments every cybersecurity team is familiar with

Taimur Ijlal
3 min readFeb 28, 2024


Cybersecurity is one of the most exciting career choices a professional can make with rarely a dull moment.

However, no matter how competent they seem; cyber security professionals are still human at the end of the day and prone to mistakes like anyone.

In my two decades in the industry I have seen my share of incidents and goof ups but there are a few which I have seen happen to almost every cyber security team.

Listing a few of them below and let me know of any others you might have experienced.

1 — Cybersecurity Teams Causing An Incident

The Cybersecurity team is supposed to be the gatekeeper of the organization’s and always vigilant to any attack from outside or within.

Trainings on cybersecurity awareness are always mandated and employees expected to be on the alert for any scams or alerts

This is why it is always massively embarrassing when a member of the cybersecurity team falls prey to one of these scams instead of “normal” users.



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