4 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Teams Fail Their PCI DSS Audits

Are you making these mistakes in your PCI DSS audits ?

Taimur Ijlal


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PCI DSS Audits are rarely an enjoyable experience for Cybersecurity professionals

The annual Payment Card Industry audit is a mandated requirement for any company that stores, processes, transmits or even thinks about cardholder data ( ok the last one was a joke )

The standard itself is no joke spread across 12 requirements and 400+ sub-requirements !

It was also underwent a major update recently with new requirements that shake things up quite a bit !

I used to manage PCI DSS audits across multiple companies and locations and saw some amazing highs ( and lows ! ) that come with PCI DSS audits

Some goof ups which still amaze me to this day

In this article I go over four of the biggest mistakes I saw people make when jumping into the brave world of PCI DSS audits.

Mistake 1 : Not Knowing Where…



Taimur Ijlal

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