4 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Teams Fail Their PCI DSS Audits

Are you making these mistakes in your PCI DSS audits ?

Taimur Ijlal


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PCI DSS Audits are rarely an enjoyable experience for Cybersecurity professionals

The annual Payment Card Industry audit is a mandated requirement for any company that stores, processes, transmits or even thinks about cardholder data ( ok the last one was a joke )

The standard itself is no joke spread across 12 requirements and 400+ sub-requirements !

It was also underwent a major update recently with new requirements that shake things up quite a bit !

I used to manage PCI DSS audits across multiple companies and locations and saw some amazing highs ( and lows ! ) that come with PCI DSS audits

Some goof ups which still amaze me to this day

In this article I go over four of the biggest mistakes I saw people make when jumping into the brave world of PCI DSS audits.

Mistake 1 : Not Knowing Where Cardholder Data Is Stored

PCI DSS requires you to segment off which areas of your network are within the cardholder environment and which are out of it

The out of scope systems typically are those that are not involved with payment card processing

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At least in theory !

Most environments have blind spots or loopholes through which cardholder data can possible leave the in-scope network

This can became a major issue and possible audit failure if discovered during the audit

Make sure you visualize the data flows through which data travels and regularly scan the out of scope systems as well

Mistake 2: Not Doing A…



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