5 Reasons Why IT HelpDesk Makes the Best Cybersecurity Professionals

How to leverage your IT Helpdesk experience to move into cybersecurity

Taimur Ijlal


I coach and mentor a lot of people to help them get into Cybersecurity and today, I want to talk about a person .. let's call him John

John is one of the most technically proficient people I know

He has amazing technical skills and knowledge of endpoint solutions

But John feels that he is not “good enough” for Cybersecurity.

Why ?? Because John currently works in the IT helpdesk function of a large company

There is a perception, unfortunately, that IT Helpdesk personnel only know how to close tickets and fix low-level problems, and Cybersecurity is too “high-level” for them.

Nothing could be further from the truth, honestly.

The skills and experiences acquired in their current roles can be incredibly valuable for IT Support professionals looking to move into cybersecurity.

In this article, I want to highlight the essential skills IT support personnel can leverage to jump into Cybersecurity.

1. Understanding of IT Operations and Infrastructure

Honestly .. who knows the IT environment better than HelpDesk ??

They are the ones who advise employees on problems, be it on the application, with the internet, with email, etc.

This gives them a solid understanding of IT operations and infrastructure within a company, which is fundamental to cybersecurity.

Understanding how networks, servers, and end-user systems operate provides a strong foundation for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

Knowing different operating systems, hardware, and software issues also helps understand potential security weaknesses.

If I was a CISO, then I would much prefer a person who knows the IT environment inside out rather than someone who needs 2 to 3 months to get up to speed.

2. Problem-Solving Skills



Taimur Ijlal

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