5 Reasons Why People Fail To Land Their First Cybersecurity Job

Avoid these mistakes when searching for that first cybersecurity job

Taimur Ijlal
4 min readSep 21, 2023


Source: MidJourney

Cybersecurity industry is red-hot !

Jobs are booming !

And yet .. most people seem unable to land that first cybersecurity job

“I never get a response when I apply for jobs”

This is the complaint I hear the most when I coach them on entering the cybersecurity job market

Despite the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals booming and news of a huge skills gap .. they hear only crickets once they apply

It can be massively frustrating hitting that brick wall and unable to move ahead to a career you are very keen on !

Through my own two decades in the industry helping professionals, below are a few key reasons I have identified that cause these hurdles

Hopefully they help you in your search for that first cybersecurity job !

1 — Lack of Experience

Let me tell you about a guy named Jack .. He loved Cybersecurity and was eager to start his career



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