5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in Cybersecurity

Use these techniques to jump start your learning and career growth

Taimur Ijlal


“The only constant is change” goes the old saying .. as cheesy as it sounds — it is also true especially if you work in Cybersecurity!

This is one industry which does not remain static but changes every few years as technology evolves

Hard to believe but no one was talking about Generative AI risks just 12 months back!

This is why it is essential not to become complacent and always be in learning mode in Cybersecurity.

But that is easier said than done

A question I get asked often is .. how?

How to avoid falling into the trap of thinking you have seen all and done all there is in Cybersecurity?

Here are 5 simple tips to break out of your comfort zone and give your system that shock it needs!

1 — Learn a New Programming Language

I once talked to a cybersecurity expert with decades under his belt, and he told me the most challenging thing he ever learned was Python programming!

This person is in an extremely senior role, but he decided to roll up his sleeves and learn some good old Python to see where he could apply it in his security use cases.

If you are ready for a challenge, then there is nothing quite like coding, and with tools like ChatGPT .. it is easier than ever!

2 — Talk at Conferences .. Don't just listen

Most security experts' biggest fear lies not in the next ransomware or DDOS attack but in giving a simple security presentation to senior management.

Security analysts are terrified of even asking questions during conferences due to their fear of public speaking.

Time to step up. Find a public speaking event and a topic of your choice.

Sharing security knowledge on a public platform will boost your confidence and create your brand within the industry.



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