Cloud Security Certification Path for 2022 — What to choose

Cloud Security Certification Path ?

One key point to remember is that Cloud Security certifications generally fall under two categories. Platform agnostic and Platform specific
  • Platform Agnostic : Certifications like CCSK and CCSP which are not bound to any specific platform like Google, Azure or AWS and instead focus more on technical concepts and creating a strong foundational knowledge of the cloud
  • Platform Specific : Certifications like AWS security specialty or Azure Security Engineer which are specific to a particular platform. These usually assume you have knowledge of the platform you are trying to secure

1. Platform agnostic Certs ( CCSK or CCSP )

  • Domain 1. Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design
  • Domain 2. Cloud Data Security
  • Domain 3. Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security
  • Domain 4. Cloud Application Security
  • Domain 5. Cloud Security Operations
  • Domain 6. Legal, Risk and Compliance

CCSK or CCSP .. Which one to go with ?

  • Experience : The CCSK does not have an experience requirement and passing the exam is enough while CCSP requires 5 years of experience in the infosec industry with one of those being in cloud. The CCSK therefore is more suited to those who are at entry level and want to get into cloud security whereas the CCSP is more geared towards experienced professionals
  • Cost : The CCSK exam is around USD 395 while the CCSP comes to around USD 699 which can be quite expensive along with those pesky AMF payments which have to be done annually. Sometimes companies are happy to reimburse the costs so do check with your employer before proceeding.
  • Industry Standing : Both are respected certs which have a good standing in the industry as can shown here. You really cannot go wrong with either of them when it comes to validating your cloud security expertise

2. Platform specific Certs

AWS Certified Security — Specialty

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate

Google Cloud Security Engineer

Certifications are not the end-goal



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