Cybersecurity side-hustles — My last income report for 2022

What worked and what did not work for me in 2022

Taimur Ijlal


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2023 is just a few days away !

I hope you have started making your New Year’s resolutions and goals which is a great way to measure how you will do throughout the year

I made a goal of writing consistently on Medium for 2022 and I have tried to stick with it as much as possible

I also made the goal of sharing tips for cybersecurity professionals on how they can make more money with their skills.

Those articles turned out to be most popular for me on Medium !

You can check them out below

One thing I tried to be was as transparent as possible about how much these tips worked for me.

I did not want to recommend anything I have not tried myself

So without further ado let us see how I did in the last months of 2022


Udemy is a great way to make passive income and a few of my courses took off.

I have around 2 courses that are doing well on AI governance and PCI DSS while the rest are not doing that good honestly.

But just with two I am passively earning the below figures which is awesome

These are just with two courses so imagine having 5 or 6 good courses that are doing consistently those figures ?

Udemy is a great way to make passive income and you can check out my article on…



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