How I Get Traffic To My Cybersecurity Side-Hustles in 2024

Traffic generation does not have to be a grind ..

Taimur Ijlal
5 min readJun 11, 2024


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Last week, I wrote about the Cybersecurity Side Hustles I am focusing on for 2024.

I also shared what has worked and what has not.

Creating side hustles is fine, but unfortunately, you won’t make much money if nobody can find them, which is where traffic generation comes in.

I struggled a lot with this initially… I thought my courses, eBooks, etc., were amazing, but nobody bought them ( as nobody knew they existed ! )

It took a few years to find a consistent system to generate traffic, which has worked out for me so far, which is what I will share this week

Let’s go

Option 1 — Marketplaces (Udemy, Amazon)

This is the easiest one, honestly. You just make something and post it on an existing marketplace, like Udemy for courses or KDP for books.

The bad news ??

You are competing with millions of other sellers for people’s attention

Unless your Udemy course or KDP book is SEO-optimized, it will disappear along with millions of others.



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