No Cyber Security Experience? No Problem !

How your non-tech experience can map onto a cybersecurity job

Taimur Ijlal
5 min readAug 31, 2023


Source: MidJourney

Let's face it .. the tech job industry is no longer the mighty behemoth it once was.

You only need to look at your LinkedIn feed to see the amount of (highly) qualified tech professionals who are looking for jobs.

But at the same time .. Cybersecurity has remained relatively resilient despite the massive job cuts in the industry.

It makes sense as things like budget cuts or hiring freezes do not bog down Cyber-criminals!

Boards have become more and more tech-savvy and want to avoid seeing their company’s name plastered on news as the next big data breach.

Thus, Cybersecurity remains a safe bet as a current or future job choice.

But if you don't have any prior tech experience, then breaking into Cybersecurity can seem like an insurmountable challenge

As someone who has coached countless people on how to move into Cybersecurity .. I am here to tell you that that is not true !

Most people who do not have a tech background might have decades of experience in another field .. all that hard work does not have to go down the drain



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