OpenAI Just Changed Everything for Cybersecurity (Again !!)

Breaking down what the latest announcements mean for Cybersecurity professionals

Taimur Ijlal
4 min readNov 10, 2023


It has become a bit of a cliche to write, “ChatGPT just changed everything in [insert your topic] every few months.”

But what happened in the recent OpenAI’s DevDay was nothing short of mind-blowing

Amongst all the improvements revealed .. the introduction of GPTs, i.e. your own customized versions of ChatGPT, was the biggest!

The ability to just create your very own AI agent with zero coding needed has mind-blowing potential!

It is difficult to imagine what we will see people making in a few months as they get more hands-on with it

Of course, the chance to make money with GPTs will motivate people even more!

GPTs can be considered the next evolution of things like plugs in and custom instructions, which OpenAI gradually added in the previous months.

Just to put things in context .. with GPTs, you can :

  • Enter instructions to make it behave in



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