Stop doing certifications in Cybersecurity and do this instead !

Are certs the golden ticket to success in cybersecurity ?

Taimur Ijlal


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Before you take out the pitchforks and start attacking me .. hear me out .. I have no issues with certifications in Cybersecurity

I think they are a great way to baseline your knowledge AND prove that you have the minimum skills needed for a position

If you are a fresher to Cybersecurity then getting a few certifications under your belt will definitely help

I DO have a problem with cybersecurity professionals who become certification factories doing one cert after another and thinking this is the path to career growth

Certifications are not the END-ALL-BE-ALL path to long term success in cybersecurity

Consider that we have a massive skill gap in the cybersecurity industry of good and qualified professionals BUT no shortage of certified ones.

Ask anyone who has conducted an interview recently for a senior cybersecurity position

Have certifications even caught up to the AI and Generative AI craze that has occurred within a matter of months and the new types of risks they have introduced ?

If you are already a certified professional then instead of focusing on the next certification path.. focus on these skills instead:

Develop Soft Skills

No certification is going to make you ready for the crazy, non-technical challenges you will face as you move up the cybersecurity ladder.

From senior management who have no idea about cybersecurity to bosses who want to cut budgets .. you need to have these soft skills ready to succeed in the long term.



Taimur Ijlal

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