The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Security Certifications For 2024

Choose Your Cloud Security Cert with this guide

Taimur Ijlal


I just recently wrote a complete guide for how to enter the Cloud Security industry in 2024

In the guide, I briefly touched upon the importance of Cloud Security certifications as a way of getting your foot in the door

Cyber-security professionals often have a love/hate relationship with certifications.

Some scoff at them and consider them no substitute for experience, while others believe they are a necessary validation of knowledge for every security pro.

However, one problem new entrants into this field face is what Cloud Security Certification path should they choose.

Types of Cloud Security Certifications

Like them or hate them .. certifications are a necessary part of cybersecurity.

It demonstrates to managers that you are serious about your area and have the necessary baseline of knowledge.

But the question comes, which Cloud Security Certification should you look at?

One key point is that Cloud Security certifications fall into two categories. Platform agnostic and platform-specific

  • Platform Agnostic: These are Certifications like CCSK and CCSP, which are not bound to any specific platform like Google, Azure, or AWS and instead focus more on technical concepts and creating a solid foundational knowledge of the cloud
  • Platform Specific: Certifications like AWS security specialty or Azure Security Engineer are specific to a particular platform. These usually assume you know the platform you are trying to secure.

If you have ZERO knowledge of cloud concepts, I would suggest going with a platform agnostic cert before attempting the platform ones.

Before focusing on a specific cloud provider, you must ensure your foundation is rock solid.

Let's take a look at the most popular certs in the…



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